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Redfern, NSW 2016
Sean Seefried
Phone: +61-416-338-636

Dr Sean Seefried


PhD in Computer Science

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Graduated Dec, 2006
Thesis: Language Extension via Dynamically Extensible Compilers

Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science

Hons. 1st class with a University Medal

University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Graduated Dec, 2000.
Thesis: Towards Totally Functional Programming


Programming Languages, Development Platforms, Applications and Tools

Employment History

Researcher, NICTA (November 2010 to March 2014)

Software Engineer, Bang the Table (July 2010 – October 2010)

Software Engineer, Kinesis (December 2009 – June 2010)

Software Engineer, System Administrator and Farm Hand: Munch Crunch Organics (Nov 2008 to Dec 2009)

Research Engineer: RedLizard Software/NICTA (Nov 2006 – Jul 2008. Jul 2009 – Dec 2009)

Software Engineer and Systems Administrator: Dawson Media (Aug 2006 – Mar 2007. July 2008 – present)

Software Engineer: MacromatiX (Mar 2006 – Nov 2006)

Tutor: University of New Wouth Wales (early 2003 – late 2005)

Assisted in the teaching of the Haskell programming language to first year students. This involved, at various stages, marking, design of assignments, monitoring and answering of email, and teaching. This was my job while I was a PhD candidate.

Tutor: University of Queensland (early 1999 - late 2001)

Tutored various subjects in Mathematics and Computer Science while I was an undergraduate.

Research Assistant: University of Queensland (Summer of 2000/2001)

Research Assistant: University of Queensland (Summer of 1999/2000)

Open Source Projects/Recreational coding


I am passionately interested in sustainability, particularly limits to growth, ecological economics, and steady-state economics. I have given a number of talks at the conference Students of Sustainability.

Selected Papers

Hobbies, Interests